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Internships and
CO-OP Placements

BHHS believes in investing in tomorrow’s leaders. We are pleased to provide paid internships and placements to students in the health sciences. Interns can work on timely projects, and our placements are usually for sixteen weeks and are available all year round. 


BHHS is committed to providing the best learning experiences possible. Interns work closely with BHHS staff and have access to mentors who will provide supervision throughout their placement. BHHS staff provide technical expertise, guidance, and facilitate access to relevant data, contacts, and encourage interns to participate in learning activities such as webinars and conferences (online and in person).


BHHS values the contribution of interns and offers the following rewards for their contributions:

  • Acknowledgement on all documents (online and in physical formats) produced by BHHS.

  • Opportunity for full/part-time or contractual employment with BHHS.

  • Letters of recommendation. BHHS is pleased to support its’ interns beyond the completion of their time with the organization. Letters of support/recommendation for awards, grants and sponsorships will be provide by BHHS upon request.

  • Team support. Working for BHHS makes you part of our team. It is BHHS’s position to support its team. If you are committed to us- we are committed to you – and we will help you grow!


Opportunities for internships and placements are posted on this page when openings are available. If you are a placement coordinator from a university, please contact us. Health sciences students can contact us to express their interest in openings and for inquiries. Send us a message and say, “Hello, I would like to be an intern.”

Stay informed with our newest work. 

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