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BHHS Mission

Aspiring in the development of innovative and sound environment, public, and inter-health system policy and programs by:

  • supporting professional best practices, education, and ethics;

  • disseminating new knowledge to inform evidence-based decision-making;

  • coordinating communication strategies; and 

  • evaluating policies and programs.

BHHS Expertise

Our teams are built around senior level executives with more than twenty years of experience in intelligence management, environmental health, public health, and inter-health system policy and programs at all levels of development, implementation, and evaluation. We work with a range of public and private stakeholders, including, federal, provincial, and municipal governments, non-governmental organizations, universities, industry, and the military.


Our staff are award recognized in all areas of public health including immunization, nutrition, mental health, 

chronic disease, sexual health, infectious disease, and infodemic management. We are invited to lead and/or              participate in diverse projects such as the development and coordination of consortia, secretariats, coalitions, 

innovative educational programs and working groups to support evidence-based policy and practice.          

Additionally, we collaborate with scientists and researchers to develop and evaluate new evidence-based  

interventions for public health, and to produce knowledge translation products and dissemination to better 

inform public health policy, practice and programs.


We are specialists in identifying needs and gaps to finding the best solution to optimize performance.

Stay informed with our newest work. 

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