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Consortia and Working Groups

Consortia are groups of organizations working together to achieve a common objective. Our team develops, coordinates, and implements consortia for public health advocates (e.g., non-governmental organizations, public and private sector organizations such as government agencies, universities, research institutions, and corporations). These consortia and working groups can be designed to be short and succinct, or long-term with annual meetings. Our work is focused on building new and innovative approaches that integrate evidence-based interventions to inform health promotion, policy, practice, and decision-making (organizational and individual).



We are leaders in the development and hosting of secretariats in the public health sector. Are experts design and manage foundational aspects such as terms of reference, mission statements, organizational objectives, executive committees, ethical and legal documents, and coordinate the functions (i.e., communications, newsletters, working groups, projects, events, etc.) that constitute the daily operations. We also build international networks for secretariats, which add dissemination and knowledge translation capacity and creates opportunities for collaboration.


Policy Development

Our team of experts work on an ongoing basis to manage, organize, and gather new intelligence in health. In addition to evidence and data gathering to support our policy development, much of our intelligence is gathered straight from the source(s), through direct personal, professional and network connections. Multiple and broad sourced intelligence is critical for developing high quality policy briefs, white papers, reports, and companion resources such as letters, pamphlets, editorials, and media relations packages for public health advocates.  


Knowledge Translation and Information Dissemination

The transfer of public health knowledge and translation into policy and practice is essential to improving the wellbeing of Canadians. Our team of experts work with international scientists and researchers to translate evidence into actionable and impactful resources and tools to fit any audience.


Professional Education and Training

We are leaders in public health education and training. Our team members are active in several international education projects aimed at improving health services. 


Project Evaluation

Our experts work with scientists, researchers, and non-governmental leaders to plan and implement project evaluations, which may consist of surveys (both qualitative and quantitative), interviews, and focus groups. 


Primary Research

Our experts are thought leaders. We provide unique guidance based on expert assessments, and knowledge of research gaps in public health. Our experience and expertise are sought to assist public and private sector advocates, scientists and researchers in developing timely research questions for primary research in quality improvement of health policy and services. 

Health Promotion 

Our experts are leaders in health promotion with over twenty years of knowledge and experience. We work with public health stakeholders to develop resources that promote healthy behaviours.


Public Health Communication

We are leaders in public health communication. Our team has extensive experience developing key messages, and strategic approaches that support and improve population health. We work with public health stakeholders and influencers to spread awareness and promote disease prevention and wellness.

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